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Recompound - Only Pay From Portfolio Growth

Your Personal Chief Investment Officer

Let us take investment woes out of your plate, because you deserve that peace of mind.

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Investing is not easy, we get it. You may be worried that...

...your money is not working hard enough.

Your money is sitting idly at the bank. Your past investments have been sub-optimal. Your hard-earned wealth is threatened by inflation and looming economic crises.

...you have no time.

You have a full-time job, family commitment and social life. There is simply no time left for you to learn investing or monitor the market.

...there’s too much information.

You are confused from conflicting information from social media, investing groups, and even your friends and families.

...investing is just not for you.

We get it. News, math, economics, and financial statements can be boring. Let us do it for you instead.

If you feel any of the above, we could be a potential match.

Replacement for your Reksadana Saham

With Recompound, Pay only when your portfolio grows, 0 management fee. Your funds always stay with you.

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Chart Updated Daily, Reksadana Data from Bareksa. Past performance does not guarantee future performance. Recompound is an information provider and never guarantees returns.

Here’s why you should work with us.

We do our best in aligning our incentives to yours.

Pay only when your portfolio grows

We measure your portfolio value at the end of the month. If it breaks its all time high value, we will charge our fees.

This is to ensure that our incentive is aligned with yours, to help you grow your investments overtime.

Your funds are fully in your hands

We have no access nor control to your funds, ever. Your funds stay in your brokerage account under your name.

You conduct the transaction yourself, from any brokerage firm of your choice.

We offer a dedicated investment team, just for you.

Work with experience investors

We have 5+ years of combined experience from asset management and renowned institutions such as Goldman Sachs and GoTo Financial.

You work with experience investors, not YouTube videos or VVIP memberships on Telegram.

Team Recompound

We are trusted by professionals & entrepreneurs from...

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Here’s what other young professionals are saying about us.

If you still hesitate about trusting us, trust our customers instead.


Shania Mustika

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PhD in Economics, University of Cambridge

Recompound fits right into the game theory framework because of the incentive structure.

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To know whether an investment service/product prioritises your welfare, just go back to what they are incentivised by.

On the one hand, you have fixed, one-off, and upfront fee. This means you go back to the traditional incentive form of salesperson just trying to close you as a client. What happens to you afterwards is not their business.

On the other hand, you have an incentive structure based on long-term profit-sharing fee. This means the seller wants you to stick to them for the long-term. Plus their objective is to maximise your profit, which in turn maximises their profit.


Mohammad Iqbal

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Director of Strategy, Fazz Group

Consistent returns, solid stock picks, worry-free

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What I like the most: The return and consistent performance to date

The stock pick always have very good fundamental, so as Investor I have no worries at all when investing

With good fundamental, the fund growth not only coming from the capital gain but also from dividend

Yes, I've already recommend some of my friends actually about the service


Anjulie Kalsia

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Head of Financial Operations, Xendit

Passionate, reliable, and trustworthy investment team.

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I started working with Recompound a few months ago, when one of the cofounders Budi reached out to me on LinkedIn. That was the first indication (of many) that Budi, Toby and their team are passionate about what they do and are going above and beyond to serve their clients and grow their business.

What was initially planned as a small investment to take a first step into the equity landscape in Indonesia rapidly grew to a significantly larger investment, based purely on my confidence in the Recompound team not only to help me grow my portfolio but also to work with me as a partner and provide guidance beyond strictly the scope of their work.

It's been an absolute pleasure to work with the Recompound team, and I look forward to continued partnership with them!


Ritchie G.

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COO, Mangkokku Indonesia

Convenient, long-term financial solution for busy individuals.

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The value proposition, on first impression as well as after going through for about 2 months, is very relevant to me - someone who understands the importance of personal financial planning,

who has no time and energy to sift through so much knowledge (both credible and non credible) on stock investment everywhere and yet needs to be able to do it in a risk-tolerable manner over the long term.

Recompound is incentivized for my benefit and for the long-term, given its orientation towards beating the all-time high cumulative portfolio value to even get compensated from me in a recurring manner.

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Here’s how Recompound works.

Our concept is brand new, take a plunge on how we provide our service for you.

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You will be invited to your own personalised Whatsapp group.

Got a few questions?

We are a startup and we are constantly innovating, so you might have a few questions.

Recompound - Only Pay From Portfolio Growth

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There are risks associated with investing in stocks. Loss of principal is possible. A stock’s or a firm’s past investment performance is not a guarantee or predictor of future investment performance.

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